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Muscat Bakery is celebrating the 21st Anniversary this year. In 1989, it was started in Al Khuwair with foresight and astute planning, and aided by constant hard work.


Muscat Bakery has over 35 exclusive retail outlets in prime locations in capital area and prominent towns in the Sultanate of Oman. All outlets are within a reach of less than 2 hours from the production centres so that only freshly baked products are catered directly to the customers. There are also facilities to dine in most of the retail outlets/showrooms. Mohejinath, Pizza, Falafel and Shawarma making facilities are also available in some of these showrooms.

Retail Showroom Locations

Muscat Bakery Location

Al Khuwair Main (Near Zawawi Mosque) 24489517
Nizwa 25411846
Ruwi 24836036
Mobella 24456203
Al Ghobra 24496275
Azaiba 24492724
Al Khuwair (Near Radisson SAS hotel) 24483272
Barkha 26883857
Ghala (Oman Oil Petrol Pump) 24590203
Sinaw 25524368
Samail 99252308
Samail-Al Karama  
Ghala Nr.Galfar Head Office 24594462
Ibri 25688662
Fanja 25361358
Firq 25432126
Wadi Kabir 24814661
Wadi Kabir-Khimji’s 24817285
Marfa 25425577
Wadi Adai 24560658
Musanna 26868606
Saham 26857310
Al Hail 24536152
Darsayt 24799180
Darsayt – Khimji’s 24702049
Wadi Hatat 24878328
Ibra 25571356
Sohar 26843363
Fanja Souq 25360341
MBD-Khimji’s 24815062
Seeb-Welfare Market 24522165
Wattaya-Welfare Market 24561635
Corporate Office – Ghala 24590203

Felaj Al Qabail , Palm Gardens-Sohar , Adam , Lizuq

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Hyper Market at Sohar - Felaj Al Qabail

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